Could the Amazon Fire Phone Lead to a Disruption and Shift in the Mobile Market?

July 17, 2014

When Amazon announced it would be releasing a cutting-edge mobile device called the Amazon Fire Phone, a lot of people were weary because the mobile market is already saturated, further expression the collective opinion that we do not need any more competitors entering this arena. None of this seemed to phase Amazon, and it unveiled the Fire Phone Folie at an event in Seattle just last month right near its headquarters where the company first began developing the phone four years ago. The announcement generated a lot of interest and that is primarily due to its functionality and features leading many people to believe it just might be the phone to disrupt the entire mobile market. Rather, many believed it could change the game.

After all, just because we already have plenty of good smartphone devices to choose from, it does not necessarily mean all potential competitors should refrain from introducing more. Especially with the Amazon Fire Phone, which contains features that have potential to completely transform the mobile arena, ultimately forcing other smartphone manufacturers to adapt by implementing similar features. The reality of creating new software or hardware is as follows: you should not hesitate to enter a crowded market if the time is right, and you not only have the right device, but also the right user experience, especially if it functions in a manner that is much better than other devices on the market.

Many leaders in the technology industry believe the Amazon Fire phone Hulle has major potential to completely disrupt the entire market because of its experience. Like all other smartphones available on the market, it looks and feels like all of the others. In addition, it retains a lot of the same features as its competitors. In other words, most smartphone hardware is virtually identical, so the best way to set your gadget apart from competitors is to develop a unique user-experience. With that being said, the Amazon Fire phone, in spite of what the critics say, does have a solid chance at succeeded in the saturated mobile market. It is also important to note that Amazon's brand and services are highly respected by its customers. This in itself is one of its greatest strengths, because it already has the traffic and the customer loyalty it needs. That is why so many believe in the Amazon Fire phones potential for mass-success, it has all the right ingredients to put its device at the top of the market.

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